How to use Spy Software for iPhone to take control of an iOS Device.

Today we are going to look at how we can get control of an iOS device as discretely as possible and to avoid detection we will use a spy software for iPhone. Before we go on discussing the type of apps or software we can use, we will look into certain other factors you need to keep in mind before attempting such a feat. First of all, if you are going to have to have access to the device you intend to take control of at least once if it is jailbroken. If the device is not jailbroken you need to have the iCloud credentials of the device. In order to get the smartphone or even get the credentials, you need to have a degree of social skills if the device is not your own. You might also have to be all 007 about it.

spy software for iphone

Important Points to keep in mind:

The pre-requisites I have mentioned above for spying on or taking control of an iOS device are relevant because commercially available monitoring and tracking software have these requirements in order for them to work. What happens afterward and how good they are at being stealthy and discrete is dependent upon the app or software you choose. This brings us to the next important factor – the app itself.

When you go searching for an app make sure that it is small in size and does not have too many live orreal-time functions. If it does have them, make sure they are dormant by default and can be controlled remotely. Real-time features usually require a larger app, an app that requires more resources in order to work. It will take up RAM and processor usage and will also drain the battery. This in result will put the device owner on suspicion mode or frustrate him. Imagine you are working and your device suddenly slows down or gets stuck? Or if you had charged the device a couple of hours ago and now the battery is depleted. Eventually, what will happen is that the device owner will do a factory reset and all your hard work of getting the device and the credentials will go down the drain and you will have to reinstall your spy software for iPhone again.

Ideal Spy App?

Having mentioned all the things that should be kept in mind when attempting to take control of an iOS device let us get down to the functionality and basically the app itself that will accomplish this task. We have searched and gone through many apps and the one that fits the prescription is Xnspy. It has been around for quite some time and is well-known in the commercial monitoring and tracking apps circles. The thing that sets it apart is its small footprint, first of all, its small size makes it easy and quick to install on the device that you wish to monitor and since it does not take up that much space it remains discrete. Plus as soon as it is installed it goes into stealth mode working in the background and invisible to the device user. It cannot be uninstalled from the device manually, only the app owner can have it uninstalled. The other thing about it is it offers real-time functionality on demand and can be turned off as well; this complements its stealth mode – it does not slow down the device or drain the battery.

It has basic features such as call monitoring and recording along with SMS viewing and reading. You can also view and read IM chats from a variety of apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc. You can view and read emails and watch the browsing history and any stored bookmarks on the device that you are monitoring. Some of its more advanced features are location tracking and geo-fencing; you will know at all times where the device is and you can set up alerts to let you know if the device has entered or left a specific pre-defined area. You can block the installation of apps and/or block any or all apps on the device XNSPY is installed on. It has a powerful failsafe system, you can remotely lock the device and or in the worst case scenario remotely delete all data from the iOS device.

All of these features are available to the XNSPY app owner via the online dashboard. The dashboard is accessible from anywhere in the world provided you have a suitable web browser and an Internet connection, thus making this the ideal spy software for iPhone.

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How to use Spy Software for iPhone to take control of an iOS Device.

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