The Best and Free Girl Games for Android Phones

Girls usually have a boring and hectic schedule and want to get relax or pass time with something interesting, playing games is a great option. There are many free girls games available over the Google play store for Android, which girls love to play on their smartphone. Out of them, some games were developed by keeping girls choices in mind.

free girls games for android phone

According to the article, published on theguardian, 52% of gamers are women and always look for good games to play. By keeping this thing in mind, I have narrowed down the list of some of the best and free girls games for Android, which are popular among girls, but the best one are listed below:

Best and Free Girls Games for Android Phone

1. Star Girl

star girls

Star girl is a widely played game by girls. All the girls things are available in this game like buying clothes, accessories, different dress-ups , and finally dating several celebrities. You can be what you want to be here and be a super girl. You can also enjoy different careers: modeling, dancing, singing or any other of your choice. Enjoy  the star world and forget the real one.

2. Angry Birds

angry birds

Angry birds is a common game played by  people of all age group, girls too. In this game, different birds with different powers are projected to various angles. By clearing different stages of the game, new levels can be unlocked and strength of the bird can be enhanced. Angry birds is now updated to Angry birds 2, you can try this also.

3. Candy Crush Soda Saga

candy crush soda saga

Candy crush soda saga is quiet similar to candy crush saga. In this game levels are unlocked by collecting candies of the same type in a different manner. With each clashing of candies a teddy appears. By crossing each level difficulties increases which increase the interest in the game.

4. Quizup


This is an appropriate game for all those who want to grab knowledge along with fun. If you are fond of playing quizzes and want to enhance your knowledge in all fields like business , history, science, current affairs, geography or any other than this is a right choice. You can also compete with your online rivals and enhance your skills along with fun. This game is available for users having android version 4.03 or above.

5. Fruit Ninja

fruit ninja

The older version of the game is updated by the studio and the newer version is much better than the previous one. In this, you have to cut the fruits with blades.With each increment in level, hindrances to cut the fruit will increases. With the passage of each a level new powers will be given and blades will also get changed. Enjoy the smashing of fruits with this game.

6. Supermarket Mania

supermarket mania

In this game, there is a character named as NIKII, you need to help her as an adviser in selling her goods. You will come across 50 levels in which you will face 5 shops and 7 customers. If you want to upgrade the game , you can do so and can have accessories more than 20. Be a like manager and enjoy the dealing and business from your android gadget only.

7. Bakery Story

bakery story

This is a quite interesting game for all girls. Here you can design your dream bakery, bake various cakes and pastries.  You can also invite your facebook friends to be your neighbor and share your menu with them. Be a good designer by baking cakes and pastries of various types and customize your menu yourself. With each upgrade, new decoratives and designs will come across to help you to bake new.

8. Fashion Story

fashion story

Explore your fashion sense by customizing your store . Help your customers with various dresses available at your store. Customers will be waiting for your store to open. Upgrade your app and customize your store with new dresses and accessories.

9. Wordament


This is an interesting game built by Microsoft. In this game, you have to find words from alphabets in the least possible time. This game helps in improving your  spelling and vocabulary skills. You can compete with thousands of users over the web. The time and presence of mind is most important while playing this game.

10. Cake Mania

cake mania

This game is really a girl stuff. Jill is the main character of the game . You have to help her and her friends in baking cakes and managing  the store. This game is free but there are two versions of the game which are paid: Cake Mania-Main street and Cake Mania-celebrity chef.

11. Cut The Rope 2

cut the rope 2

This is also a more likely played game among girls. In this game, there are lots of adventures with challenging tasks and lots of obstacles. This is a physics based game and can be easily played on your smartphone or tablet. This game is free and full of excitement.

12. Subway Surfers

subway surfers

It’s an amazing game with lots of features. You can easily run this game with various characters by buying them from the coins you earn in the game. There are various hurdles which come across while you run to earn coins and your powers enhance while this journey. The maximum score can be built by completing 30X. You can check scores of your facebook friend too on the scoreboard.

These are some of the best and free girls games played in the majority by mostly all girls on their smartphones. Why don’t you play these games and enjoy your time. If you have some better options than please share in the comments section.

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The Best and Free Girl Games for Android Phones

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