Row vs Column in Excel and Google Speardsheet

In our today’s article, I’m going to make a comparison between Row vs Column in Microsoft Office Excel, Google Spreadsheet, and related office. Also, if you’re reading this post, that means you’re also looking for something related. So keep reading.

rows vs columns in excel

There are lots of users who sometimes find it very difficult to distinguish between Row and Column in different office clients like Microsoft Office Excel, Google Spreadsheet and more. The concept of Row and Column is very easy and after reading my comparison of Rows vs Columns all your doubts will be clear about Rows and Columns.

Comparison Row vs Column

Every cell in a spreadsheet belongs to one column and one row and if you know the difference between these two elements of spreadsheets, then you can easily make spreadsheet more beneficial.

Rows in Excel

The horizontal lines of information or data in a spreadsheet stretching from left to right across the computer screen is a Row. By default settings, MS Office Excel uses numbers (1, 2, 3…) in order to designate each row.

Some other definitions of Rows

  1. “The horizontal lines of Matrix is a Row.”
  2. “It is a single element of data in a spreadsheet of Excel file.”
  3. “The left side of the Excel spreadsheet with numbers 1, 2, 3… are rows.”
  4. “Record or tuple consist of various data values or data fields are rows.”
  5. “Rows are oriented horizontally and extend from the left acorss the page to the right.”
  6.  “Horizontal lines in the matrices are Rows.”

row vs column in excel

Columns in Excel

The vertical lines of information or data in a spreadsheet from top to the bottom in the computer screen is called as Column. By default setting, MS Office Excel uses the alphabets (A, B, C…) instead of numbers to represent the columns in a spreadsheet.

Some other definitions of Columns

  1. “The Vertical lines of Matrix is a Column.”
  2.  “A column is a feature or attribute of the element in a spreadsheet of Excel file.”
  3.  “On the top of the Excel spreadsheet you will see different cells labeled with alphabets (1, 2, 3 …) are rows.”
  4. “Single data attribute or collection of single attribute in the data set is a column.”
  5. “Columns are oriented vertically and extend from the top of the page to the bottom.”
  6. “Vertical lines in matrices are called columns.”

Example of Row and Column in a Spreadsheet or Worksheet in Excel

In above screenshot, Customer name, Phone number and Address is a ROW with a name 1 spreading from left to right horizontally (Representing yellow line).

While, the customer names Viney, Jacob, Andrew, Chester, and Mr Hann are Columns spreading from top to bottom vertically. (Representing blue line)

Row contain set of attributes and all the information of each attribute is a Column. In above example, the screenshot have three columns CA (Customer name), CB (Phone number), CC (Address) and five rows showing data R1 (Viney), R2 (Jacob), R3 (Andrew), R4 (Chester) and R5 (Mr Hann).

I hope you find it useful, in case, you know some better and simple difference Row vs Column, then mention in the comments.

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Row vs Column in Excel and Google Speardsheet

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