How To Remove & Uninstall Microsoft Edge Browser From Windows 10

In Windows 10 Microsoft introduced its new web browser i.e. Microsoft Edge to replace Internet Explorer. No doubt its zipper in comparison to IE, but not much impressive. If you’re planning to remove or uninstall Edge browser in Windows 10, then this is the guide you might love to check.

How To Uninstall & Remove Microsoft Edge Browser From Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with lots of cool features and one out of them is Edge browser. Microsoft introduced its new browser to replace the Internet Explorer. After this release, the Internet Explorer was no longer default web browser in Windows 10 and many users even removed Internet Explorer completely from Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge Browser in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is a new web browser introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10. Edge browser is positioned as the modern web browser which supports all the modern web standards. It provides you clean interface and is much faster in comparison to Internet Explorer. It also supports dark theme which makes browsing in night time less painless.

It’s also optimized for touch users, let you write on web pages, and has lots of small features which helps you to improve the web browsing experience.

The New Microsoft Edge browser is not ready yet and still it’s far better in comparison to Internet Explorer in every field. For the moment, it does not support plugins due to which it fail to impress Google Chrome and Firefox users.

If you’re Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser users and don’t want to keep Edge browser in Windows 10 and looking for a tutorial on how to uninstall edge browser in windows 10. You might already have tried uninstalling edge from Windows 10. But like other Windows 10 apps, it can’t be removed using the Setting app.

The bad thing is that the PowerShell method to uninstall default apps also help at all and let you uninstall the Edge browser as its the part of Windows 10. By completely uninstalling Edge browser from Windows 10, you will get nothing, but if you still want to remove it then it can be done.

Script to Uninstall Edge Browser in Windows 10

This amazing script that let you uninstall and completely remove the Edger browser from Windows 10. The great thing about this script is that you can remove Edge browser from Windows 10 just by making few clicks.

Warning: Edge browser in part of Windows 10 system package and completely removing it make affect performance and stability of Windows 10. So it’s better to manually create a restore point before you start using the script and remove the Edge browser. 

Steps to Uninstall and Remove Edge browser using Script

1. First of all, you need to download the “Uninstall Edge Zip” file using this link.

2. After that “extract” all the files from the ZIP file you downloaded. You get two files with the name “Uninstall Edge.cmd” and “Install_wim_tweak.

3. Right click on the Uninstall Edge file and click to “Run as administrator” option. If you see the User Account Control (UAC) prompt, Click “Yes“.

run script as administrator in windows 10

Note: When you try to run this script you will see the following warning. You  just need to click on “More info ” and then click on “Run anyway” to continue running the script.

window protected your pc message in windows 10

4. Now wait and let script to complete the work.

run the script to remove microsoft edge browser

5. Once done you will see the message “Microsoft Edge should be uninstalled. Please reboot Windows 10 message.

microsoft edge should be uninstalled message in windows 10

6. Restart your Windows 10 and you’re done. You’ve successfully removed the Microsoft Edge browser from Windows 10.

As you have completely removed the Microsoft Edge browser you need a browser. Now it’s time to set your favorite web browser as default. For example set Google Chrome as the default browser. Why don’t you try my article on How To Set Google Chrome or FireFox as Default Browser in Windows 10

Source and Credit to Script

This script created by MSFN user legolash20 which is further tweaked by WinAero which make uninstalling Edge browser from Windows 10 very easy.

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  • HeadPack

    For quite a few people Edge serves just one purpose, and that is to download a proper browser. Good to see it can be removed after that, freeing up disk space.
    There is lots of bloat baked into Windows 10, but it seems one by one we will be able to get rid of it.

  • Sanity1

    Get this shitty windows 10, edge and all that crap out of my computer, biggest mistake I have ever downloaded aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

How To Remove & Uninstall Microsoft Edge Browser From Windows 10

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