How to Stop or Disable Windows Update in Windows 10

So you want to stop Windows 10 from automatically downloading the Windows updates. This is the exact place you’re looking for so long.

How to Stop or Disable Windows Update in Windows 10 RTM (Final Version)

Windows 10 is bundled with some useful apps, new features like Cortana Integration, Edge Browser, the new start menu accompanied with amazing user interface. Microsoft also made huge changes in the system features which were available in the previous version of Windows. Once you started using Windows 10, you will find that the expected location of components and tools also changed. The classic control panel is moved to new Settings apps including some other options which Microsoft has changed completely in Windows 10.

Just like other Windows 10 tools and components, the Windows update settings also moved from the control panel to new Settings apps. No doubt control panel is still available in Windows 10, but you won’t find Windows Update option in it. The bad thing about the Windows Update option available in Windows 10 new settings app is that you won’t find any option to disable Windows update option which was available in the previous version of Windows.

Microsoft added this features just to help and improve the Windows 10 experience, but users are not happy with this feature because it consume lots of data while downloading the update and slow the system. There might be some other reason users want to get rid of this features. (You can tell me your reason to disable Windows update in the comments.)

Officially Microsoft didn’t provide you any option to stop Windows 10 system to automatically check for updates and install updates if they find. You can take control of this and manage future Windows update the way you want, but these options are hidden and you have to follow little work around to access these options.

By keeping this thing in mind, I decided to make a list of all the possible ways that let you disable future Windows updates in Windows 10.

Why don’t you check all of them and choose the one you find easy

Steps to Disable Windows Updates in Windows 10

Windows Update is just a regular Windows service process and if you stop this service, the updates will not be downloaded and installed on your system. So you can turn off Windows Update in Windows 10 by disabling appropriate service. Here is how to do it:

1. First of all Press Win + R shortcut key to display the Run dialog

services run dialog

2. After that type the following command:


In the Services list, look for service called Window Update.

windows update service

3. Once find you need to disable it, for that double click it and set its startup type to disabled.

4. Reboot your system

Now this will turn off Windows Update to stop Windows 10 from downloading updates automatically. In case you want to check and install updates, you can just enable the service by following the same procedure.

Steps to Disable Windows Updates in Windows 10 using GPE

In Windows 10 editions like Enterprise, Pro, and Education. You can use Group Policy editor to set Windows Update to notify about updates, but not allow to download them automatically. Now this method is helpful if you want notification about updates without disabling the complete Windows Updates service. Here is how to do it:

1. First of all Press Win + R shortcut key to display the Run dialog.

group policy editor run dialog

2. After that type the following command:


3. Go to the following path:

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update

4. Here you need to enable Group Policy named as “Configure Automatic Updates” and set it “Notify for download and notify for install

configure automatic updates

5. Restart Windows 10 and you’re done!

Note: In case after making all these changes, if you’re getting message that “Available updates will be downloaded and installed automatically” You can also try the another method if it ignored your policy settings.

Steps  to Disable Windows Update using Registry Editor [Professional Edition Only]

You can also configure the Windows updates setting using registry editor. The registry hack which you’re going to check in upcoming line do the same as the Group Policy setting. But there is one problem with this method, this only work on Windows 10 Professional editions.

Check out how to do that:

1. You just need to download the registry hack that let you disable automatic updates on Windows 10.

2. The registry you download using the above link include .reg fle that help you to make changes:

  • Notify for download and notify for install
  • Auto download and notify for install
  • Auto download and schedule the install.

You will also find a .reg file that let you delete the registry value the other files create, which in return allow you to back to default settings.

notify to download

Alternatively you can do the same thing manually

1. Search regedit in search box and tap to run the command and click yes when UAC screen comes out.

2. Now you need to navigate to:

You have to create the new keys there. Create a DWORD value and name it “AUOptions” under AU key and give the values shared in following lines:

00000002 (Notify for download and notify for install)

00000003 (Auto download and notify for install)

00000004 (Auto download and schedule the install)

Note: This method only fine in Windows 10 Pro editions, but not in WIndows 10 Home edition when I tried to do so.

Disable Windows Update by Setting your Wireless or Cellular Connections to Metered

In Windows 10, the system does not download updates automatically when you’re on metered connection. So you can take advantage of this feature to control when you want to download and install updates. Once you’ve installed the updates, you can simply set your connection to non-metered.

Here is how to set connection as metered:

1. Launch the Settings app by pressing Win+I and go to the Network & Internet section.

2. After that click Wi-Fi on the left and then click “Advanced Options” on the right.

3. Here Enable the “Set as metered connection” switch to On position.

Note: If you’re on Ethernet connection, you won’t be able to set it as Metered.

So these are different methods and ways that help you to turn off Windows Updates in Windows 10. Why don’t you try all these method and let me know which one is most suitable for you.

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How to Stop or Disable Windows Update in Windows 10

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