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How to Make Money Blogging – 5 Best and Proven Methods!

This has been a question of past half-decade. Luckily, there have been thousands of tutorials available online that can recommend you a dozen or, at least, a few couple of ways to make money by blogging.

With the growing use of internet and social media, new methods to earn money by blogging are being discovered.

How to Make Money Blogging?

Today, let’s focus on the best one out there to make money blogging. And yes, all this is coming from my past six years of experience!

Learn Writing

To Blog, means, to Write!

Blogging used to be all about writing, but with the growing use of the internet, a couple of topics are now part of the package. Still, this is the first thing you need to learn!

When I started my career, I wasn’t good at writing, at all. Even today, I’m learning new ways of writing sentences and arranging them to give a better readability.

It’s a never ending journey, but it’s interesting if you always had a hidden passion for writing. How to find that passion? Well, start writing and keep on doing it. That passion will find you!

In the internet marketing realm, a lot of people are not good at writing. It gives an upper hand to the guys who can.

So, the day you think, a standard is achieved, you can simply start a freelance career. In the beginning, finding a client will be tough, but with more days you invest, it will get better.

Try behaving to your clients like a friend and they will take care of you in future. Even if they don’t have work to outsource, they will find a new client.

Learn Marketing

The content published on the internet blogs has a deep connection with marketing. If you’re not aware of this term and its related subjects, surviving here will be tough.

You need to learn how marketing and psychology are involved with writing. You can start reading academic books, followed by a few first-hand experience books, followed by reference books, or simply read everything interesting you find over the internet.

The more you read, the more you practice, the better you will become at using these two factors and including them in the piece you write.

The day you become at this, you can start your career as Copywriter, which is different from a normal writing career. Copywriting is one of the highest paid jobs in the world, but it requires tonnes of experience.

Now, using these skills, you can either get a job in a marketing firm or start selling freelance services.

Learn SEO

In the starting years of blogging, SEO was very close to marketing. Nowadays, both these terms are looked separately.

With the regular quality improvement algorithm updates in search engines like Google, SEO is almost dead. There are still a lot of factors which work, but it’s no more like old days.

SEO these days is a part of content writing where you have to include the main keywords, related keywords and focus on other on-page SEO factors.

Link building is the off-page part of SEO, which still holds a remarkable juice, but it’s not that effective anymore. At least, in the case of running an authority and genuine blog!

It still works for a lot of my friends who are still relying on spam activities.

Again, you can either use these skills for your own blog or you can go with the freelancing option.

Learn WordPress

WordPress has been at the centre of my blogging career and of many others. The tool is free to use, (a content manager) that does half of the job.

Within five minutes, a website or a blog is live, thanks to how simple it is. In next an hour or so, you can get a custom looking blog or website ready.

Bottom line, WordPress is simple, but it’s not quick to learn. It has tonnes of elements which need attention, and one has to invest time and efforts to become good at it.

If you can code in PHP and related programming languages, you can even start a career as a custom WordPress solution provider. Or, you can start a small gig on platforms like Fiverr, taking care of the installation and setup.

With the knowledge of writing, marketing, SEO, and WordPress, you can start a blog and write about how to make money online. You can cover different methods and tools in the blog posts.

First, grabbing emails of the visitors and creating a strong social connection with the visitors is recommended.

Second, you can even start a forum and create a community of like-minded people.

In short, this blog you just created can generate steady income from various sources like affiliate and direct advertisements.

At this situation, there are hundreds of methods to generate a steady income. My best advice is to go with affiliate channels and start selling your paid services.

Learn Small Gigs

If learning all these big terms isn’t your cup of tea and you’ve limited time to devote, then it will better to learn small gigs. Like, you can learn using Photoshop, or Video editing tools.

If you are good at coding, then you can sell a service regarding finding a bug or fixing a particular issue. You can even start few social media pages or profiles and generate leads from them.

You just need to find that small skill you’re good at and then begin using it to make a living.

Initially, it might not generate a handsome amount, but it will grow for sure. Maybe, you finally ditch the traditional job in favour of this. Who knows?

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