How to Get Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds to Test Windows 10 New Features

If you want to be the first one to check improvements and new features introduced in Windows 10, then you need to be a part of Windows 10 insider program. This tutorial will teach you how to become Windows 10 insider build tester.

How to Get Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds

Windows 10 is officially available for users all over the world and millions of users already upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 for free. Even users who won’t get the free upgrade notification also perform force upgrade to quickly get the Windows 10.

After upgrading to Windows 10 users really enjoying new features which Microsoft adding to its new operating system. Now users like me always want to be the first one to try new features and improvement so that after checking whats new in update, they can share with other users. But to quickly get the Windows 10 futures updates you need to be part of the Windows 10 Insider preview build program.

No doubt Microsoft released the RTM version of Windows 10, but Insider Program is still live. Now there is one advantage and disadvantage of using this program.

Advantage: You will get Windows 10 future updates quickly in comparison to other users so that you can provide feedback about what is good and bad in the update to team of developer working on Windows 10.

Disadvantage: The updates provided to you may not be fully stable and installing these updates can affect your machine performace.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • If you don’t know how to deal with issues which you may face after installing updates after becoming part of Windows 10 Insider program, then What’s With Tech recommend you not to be the part of Windows Insider program. As this program is introduced by Microsoft for Windows tester.
  • Under Windows Insider program you will get frequent update which consume lots of data, so updating the OS again and again may hit your data expense limit.
  • No doubt you can out of Windows Insider program any time, but for that you may have to perform clean install of Windows 10 to stop getting the Windows 10 Insider preview buids and get back to stable build of Windows 10.

In case you still want to be the part of Windows 10 Insider program by ignoring the above mentioned conditions, then follow the simple steps in upcoming lines:

1. To join the Windows 10 Insider program, Click on Start Menu and look for Setting Apps.

2. Under Settings, Click on Update & Security Options.

advance settings in windows update

3. Under Windows Update options, on the left panel you will see option labeled as “Advance Options” click to launch.

get started under get insider preview builds

4. Here on this Windows, look for Get Insider Preview Builds. Under this you will find Get Started option Click on it. Now this will automatically login to Insider Program using email ID using which you activated Windows 10 for your machine. If it fail to login visit this page login using the same email ID and again start from the first step in this tutorial.

continue only if you want

After peforming the above step you will get Window which look something like following image. You just need to click Next.

stop windows 10 insider program

5.  After that, you will see another Window telling you that in case you want to stop receving preview builds you need to clean install Windows 10 from your machine, as you already agree for this. Click Confirm.

thanks for participating windows 10 insider preview

6. Now you will get Window telling you that Thanks for participating. Simply restart your PC to get Insider preview. Once you succesfully reboot your PC your system will automatically start receiving the insider builds.

7. In case you want to manually check for the Insider builds you can simply head over to Settings->Update & Security->Windows Update->Check Now.

After becoming part of Windows Insider program. Once you visit the Windows Update page and choose Advance options. Under Get Insider builds option you will see the option to control which type of builds you want to receive Slow or Fast.

  • Fast Ring: More frequent and quickly
  • Slow Ring: After they have proven to be stable for use.

slow and fast ring settigs in windows 10 insider preview builds

So here you can make choice according you to your wish.

At any point if you wish not to receive Insider builds, you can also do that. For that, Under Windows Update option, visit Advanced options and look for option Stop Insider builds and click on it.

stop receiving windows 10 insider preview builds

You will now see a message that thanks for participating and your computer will ask you to reboot.

So this is you can become part of Windows 10 Insider program and grab the latest preview builds. Why don’t you give a try to it and let me know, if you have any query in the comments.

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How to Get Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds to Test Windows 10 New Features

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