How to Fix: We Couldn’t Load This Extension Error In Edge Browser (updated for 2020)

Edge browser, the default browser in Windows 10, finally got the extension support with Windows 10 Insider preview 14291. Users running Insider preview 14291 or above can take advantage of this new feature and add more features to the Edge browser.

At the moment, there is a limited number of extensions available for the Edge browser, which include Microsoft Translator, Reddit Enhancement Suite, and Mouse Gesture. Just like you install an extension or add-ons in other browsers, one can easily install extensions in edge browser too.

We couldn’t load this extension error in Microsoft Edge

Lots of users complain that they are getting this error while installing the extension in Edge browser which: “We couldn’t load this extension”. The error appears on the screen when the browser fails to load a selected extension because of a corrupted or missing file.

we could not load this extension error

In case you’re one of them who is also getting “We couldn’t load this extension” error and want to install the extension without any error, then follow the steps below:

Method One:

When you try to unpack a downloaded extension by clicking the Run button in the browser or by double clicking on it, the self-extracting package automatically makes a folder of the extension.

To get rid of the error, you just need to delete the folder of the extension that you’re unable to install. After deleting the folder, double click on the extension file to get a new copy of the extension folder.

After following the above workaround, try to load the extension and you should be able to load the extension without any error.

Method Two:

The “we couldn’t load this extension” error appears because one or more files of the extension are missing or corrupted. So it’s better to delete the downloaded extension file and again download a fresh copy of the extension which you want to install in the edge browser.

If the error still appears, follow method one.

Give these two methods a try and let me know whether they work out for you.

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How to Fix: We Couldn’t Load This Extension Error In Edge Browser (updated for 2020)

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