How to Download and Save Facebook Videos to Computer [Different Ways]

Yesterday one of my blog readers asked a question i.e. How to Download and Save Facebook videos to computer without any software? I found this question quite interesting and decided to cover a detailed article with all possible ways to download Facebook videos.

How to Download & Save any Facebook video to computer without any software

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites provides you platform to get connected with your loved ones. You can also share image, videos and related stuff with your friends. Lots of people love to share videos, you can even stream videos and share it again. But the problem begins when you try to save Facebook videos to your computer, and smartphone (Android and iOS) that has been uploaded by your friends, news portal or from any Facebook users.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t provide you an option or feature using which one can download Facebook but there are lots of free third party software, online tools, extension, Android and iOS apps available to make that thing happen.

You can use one out of them to download Facebook videos on your desired computer or device. But this process sometimes consumes lots of precious time and sometimes users get nothing, as most of the software and tools are full of malware and do nothing.

What if you’re able to save Facebook videos to your computer without using any software and online tool? I know this will be the best thing you’ve ever seen over the web. Actually, there is a workaround that actually works.

So without further ado, why don’t you start checking the trick:

Steps to Save Facebook Videos to Computer without any Software [Trick]

1. First of all, visit the video page on Facebook and check the URL of the video. Let us have an example:

2. Now what you need to do is change above URL to the mobile version URL. All you need to do is switch “www” with “m” as shown below: For Example

3. Here on this page, play video and watch it for 5-10 seconds and, then pause the video. (If possible, view full video)

Note: If you have not played the video which you want to download, then this option will not come up.

4. Make right click on a video and you will get the option “Save video as” just click on it.

facebook video download

5. Now you will get pop up to download the video. Simply rename the video and save where ever you want to store it in your hard.

Check the video tutorial by Author:

Yeah, it’s really that simple! This is how you can download Facebook videos. Once you start downloading the videos, you can reuse them to share on other social sites or like on your website, YouTube of any other video channel. This is the only Facebook trick which works 100%.

Note: There is one limitation of this trick, that it won’t provide you the options to download video in different video quality and format

In case due to some reason this trick didn’t work for you, or you’re not satisfied with this trick, then you can also try the following methods shared in upcoming line.

Free Web Services to Download Facebook Videos


Simply head over to and copy & paste the Facebook video link address in the box provided and click on the download button.


Like mentioned above you can also use to download Facebook videos. Simply visit the following link copy the video URL which you want to download and paste it the space provided.

Now choose the quality with which you want to download the video and you’re done! You can also visit as its also web know Facebook video download.

Why don’t you try this trick and other two methods and let me know whether my article was helpful or not? If you’ve any other way to download videos from Facebook simply use the comments section below and share it with our readers.

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How to Download and Save Facebook Videos to Computer [Different Ways]

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