How to Disable/Remove HomeGroup icon from Windows 10 File Explorer

If you want to get rid of HomeGroup icon from File Explore in Windows 10, then this is the article you’re looking for so long. This article will guide you how you can remove it from File Explorer in Windows 10.

While setting up Windows 10, it may ask you to choose the network type you want to set for the current network connection and if you set it as private, Windows 10 automatically start showing HomeGroup icon in the navigation panel of the new file explorer. Now not all Windows users use this HomeGroup feature and don’t want to see it on the file explorer.

No doubt its one of the best and most popular way to share printers and files with all your Windows 10 computer, but if you’ve decided that you don’t want Homegroup feature in Windows 10, then you can easily disable or enable the feature in Windows 10.

My this tutorial will help you to disable and remove HomeGroup icon which is available in the navigation panel of the Windows 10 of the new file explorer. Here is how to do it.

Steps to Disable and Remove HomeGroup from Windows 10 File Explorer

1. First of all, you need to open RUN dialog box. You can Start menu search feature or directly press Win + R key to open it.

run dialog box in windows

2. In the RUN dialog box you need to type:


services.msc in windows 10

3. In “Services“, you will see the name of different service. Here you need to look for the “HomeGroup Provider service” and “disable” it.

homegroup provider service in windows 10

4. Now double click on HomeGroup Provider option and under “Startup type” which is by default selected as Manual, change it to “Disable.

disable homegroup provider in windows 10

5. After disabling the HomeGroup Provider service, re-open the File Explorer app and you will notice that the HomeGroup icon no more visible in file explorer.

homegroup icon in file explorer in windows 10

In case, you only want to remove the HomeGroup icon from the navigation panel, but want to use the HomeGroup feature side wise, then it’s also possible. Here’s how to do it:

1. For that, you need to Open Registry Editor.

2. Now navigate to the following Registry key:


Note: Make sure to take the ownership of this kee using the RegOwnershipEx app

3. Here you need to set the DWORD parameter Attributes to b094010c.

add value to attribute in windows 10


If you’re running 64-bit operating system, then you need to repeat the above steps for following Registry Key:


4. Now you need to restart your Windows 10 PC

5. After that open the File Explorer app and you will notice that HomeGroup icon is not visible in the File Explorer will continue to work.

run homegroup in windows 10

Note: If you want to access the HomeGroup service you can access it by typing this in the Run dialog:


You’re done!

So this is how you can get rid of HomeGroup icon from Windows 10 file explorer, Why don’t you try this guide and let me know if you have any query.

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How to Disable/Remove HomeGroup icon from Windows 10 File Explorer

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