How to Disable Ads in Windows 10 Lockscreen [Spolight Feature]

Windows 10 started showing ads on lock screen and if you’re one of them who really don’t like it and want to get rid of it then this tutorial will teach you how to Disable Ads on Your Windows 10 Lock Screen

How to Disable Ads in Windows 10 Lockscreen

Microsoft wants more and more users to use their new operating system i.e. Windows 10 and for this they are giving their best. Time to time this software giant adding new and useful features like Cortana Integration, new Edge browser to replace Internet explorer, new start menu, setting app, and lots more.

In their previous update, they also introduced another feature in Windows 10 i.e. Spotlight feature which users can find under Personalization in Setting apps. The good thing about this feature is that it usually show you fun facts and clean photographs in lockscreen when you start your computer. Now this is really a good feature as it gives you fresh look to your desktop when the screen is locked.

But there is one problem with this feature, as it started showing ads in place of photos in Windows 10 lock screen. Some users reported that they are seeing ads for the new game i.e Lara Croft with the link that will take you to Windows Store from where you can buy the new Rise of the Tomb Rider title.

Even one of the Twitter user David McGavern shared the image showing you how the ads looks like in your Windows 10 lock screen. This is not happening for the first time, as in January 2016, software giant pushed fullscreen ads for the movie “Minions” with link to app store.

If I tell the truth, I don’t have any problem with this feature, but there are users who really don’t like it and want to use their own custom lock screen background. To get rid of these ads you need to disable spotlight feature in Windows 10. Below you will read about how to disable spotlight feature and additional tip to totally get rid of these annoying ads.

Steps to Disable Spotlight Feature and Ads in Windows 10

1. To remove ads from Windows 10 lock screen, you need to click on Start button and then Settings.

windows 10 setting

2. Under Settings, select click on Personalization options.

personalization settings in windows 10

3. After that from the left pane, select the Lock screen tab.

lockscreen settings windows 10

4. Now on the right pane under Background look for the field that reads Windows Spotlight and switches to display either Slideshow or Picture depending on your personal preference.

Now this will totally disable Microsoft from automatically showing ads to your Windows 10 login screen without your permission.

get fun facts in windows 10

5. Once you choose the new style of your login screen make sure to disable the option for Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more” on your lock screen just by moving the toggle to Off.

After turning off this feature, it’s confirmed that you will not see any ads, unexpected sale pitches, movie, and related stuff on login screen of Windows 10 whenever you try to login again

Important tip: In case you don’t have any problem with this feature, but did not like the content pushed to your lock screen and definitely love to see something interesting. You can also tell this thing to Microsoft that what’s relevant just by making click on the icon named as “Like What you see” which is available in the top-right corner of your lock screen.

ads in windows 10

Now this will show you two options, if you like the content click on “I want more!” and the next time you login it will start showing your more related stuff. Also, you can click on “Not a fan” to get new content and prevent similar content to appear on your lockscreen.

No doubt company adding lots of cool features to Windows 10 and forcing users to use them, just like Windows Spotlight feature, but there are ways to deal with it.

Why don’t you use the comment section and let me know whether you like the new Windows Spotlight feature or not. You can also drop your queries. I will love to answer them as soon as possible.

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How to Disable Ads in Windows 10 Lockscreen [Spolight Feature]

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