How to Clear Cache, Cookies and Browsing History in Microsoft Edge Browser [Windows 10]

With Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10, you can easily clear cache, cookies and browsing history. If you’ve already dumped Internet Explorer and started using Microsoft Edge, then you definitely looking for a way to clear your cache and other browsing data.

How to Clear Cache, Cookies and Browsing History in Microsoft Edge Browser

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows released by Microsoft. It’s one of the best operating system created by software giant ever which comes with lots of cool features, and amazing user interface. With this release, Microsoft dumped its default internet browser i.e. Internet Explorer with a new browser named as Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge has amazingly new interface, better speed and is far better than Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge browser development is going on, but still it has almost all the features which a good web browser must have, including In Private mode. In my previous article, I had already covered some of the useful feature and options available in Edge browser.

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Whenever you launch the web browser and try to visit any website, the browser job is to connect to the server of the website, download all the files from the webpage and display a complete page to users. Just like other web browsers, to store temporary internet files Edge browsers also maintain a folder called browser cache which include different files types including images, videos, web pages, CSS and other content related to website. Whenever you visit the site again these cache file helps in loading the site quickly.

According to some internet users, these cache file is the prime victim of slowing down the performance of your system and it’s better to clear these files time to time.

Microsoft Edge browser also provide you a  very simple and easy options to clear the browser cache or history. Steps to clear cache in Edge browser is little different in comparison to Internet Explorer. Edge browser settings are easily accessible which in return help users to clear browser cache, cookies and browser history in  two or three steps.

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Why don’t you check out simple and easy steps to clear browser cache, browsing history and cookies in Microsoft Edge browser. Here is how to do it:

Steps to Clear Cache, Cookies and Browsing History in Microsoft Edge Browser

1. First of all you need to launch Microsoft Edge Browser which is default browser in Windows 10

2. On the top-right side of the browser, you will see (…)”More action” option just click on it and after that click on “Settings” option.

more action option in microsoft edge browser

3. Under “Settings” you need to scroll down till you see “Choose what to clear” button just below “Clear browsing data” option.

choose what to clear option in microsoft edge browser

4. Once you click on this option you will see list of features like

  • Browsing History
  • Cookies and saved website data
  • Cached data and file
  • Download history
  • Form data
  • Password.

clear button in microsoft edge browser

Here you need to check the option you want to clear and click “Clear” button and you’re done.

No doubt Edge browser is best in comparison to Internet Explorer, but still it lacks an amazing feature of Internet Explorer. That automatically clear browsing data when you exit the browser, it’s also missing a Ctrl + R keyboard shortcut that to quickly clear cache.

I wish Microsoft will add these features including some additional feature to improve the browsing experience. Why don’t you give a try to this guide and let me know if you have any query in the comments

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  1. Same problem as Dave Simpkins, wish to be able to have browsing and cookie history automatically deleted when exiting Microsoft Edge as with Internet Explorer…really is annoying one must everytime go to the settings and physically clear all MICROSOFT EDGE NEED TO GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER

How to Clear Cache, Cookies and Browsing History in Microsoft Edge Browser [Windows 10]

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