How Old Is My Laptop?

If you’ve had your laptop for awhile, it’s easy to forget exactly when you bought it. There are many reasons why you might need to know how old your laptop is, particularly if you’re dealing with a warranty issue that expires after a certain number of years.

Method 1: Find Your Serial Number

Figuring out how old your laptop is can be easy if you still have the machine’s serial number. Unless you’re someone who takes all the stickers off of new computers, a sticker with your serial number is likely still on the bottom of your laptop. Once you have that number, type it into Google and you should get specific information about the year your laptop was built.

If you have a Lenovo laptop, you can find your serial number with Lenovo Service Bridge, a piece of Lenovo software that will scan your machine and give you a variety of pieces of information about it, including your serial number.

Method 2: Use the Command Prompt

The date of your BIOS version is usually a good estimate of when your computer was built. If you have updated your BIOS, however, this may not be accurate.

To find the date of your BIOS version, open the command prompt on your Windows laptop by typing cmd in the task bar search area, and then hit Enter.

In the command prompt window that opens, type systeminfo.exe and then hit Enter. Scroll through the info that prints out until you get to BIOS Version. That line will have a date (red box in image below) that indicates when the current version of BIOS was installed. If you haven’t updated your BIOS, this should correspond with the approximate date that your machine was built.

Either one of these methods will give you a good idea of how old your laptop is.

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How Old Is My Laptop?

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