Download FlexiHub-Free USB over IP Software to Share USB devices over Internet

If you’re Windows, Linux or even a Mac OS X users and looking for a way that let you access and manage remove USB and serial port devices from anywhere over the internet, then this is the piece of content you’re looking for.

Free USB over IP software to Share USB devices over Internet

FlexiHub is one of the best, free and easy to use software that provides you shared access to all the USB and serial port device in the network. With the help of this tool, you can get access to your remote USB and com over TCP/IP in very easy and convenient way as long as your machine have FlexiHub installed on it. You can use functionality and contents of a USB device as it is directly inserted into your local machine.

The good thing about FlexiHun is that its cross-platform tool which work perfectly fine and equally well on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating system.

There are lots of cool features offered by FlexiHub. Some of them are:

1. Access USB and serial ports remotely

With the help of FlexiHub, you can access serial or USB devices plugged into your network computer which is listed as nodes. It doesn’t matter where they actually located physically.

2. Connect and disconnect to USB and serial devices

FlexiHub not only allows you access device over the internet but also let you manage them remotely. Your physical presence is not required. And due to its encrypted communication protocol, it is totally safe for use.

3. Automatically detect the USB device

The good thing about this tool is that it automatically detect the type of device and display it as storage, phone, device, camera etc. once you insert a device into your computer

4. Regulate access to device

You can also restrict access to USB device connected to your machine via serial or USB ports. Now these devices will be listed as inaccessible to other computer and users who are authorized to access these devices will be able to use these devices.

Highlights of technology used by FlexiHub

  • Unique sharing mechanism– Helps in sharing USB devices over TCP/IP)
  • Secure data transfer– Provides you 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Private Communication Server– No need to real IP address to access and share data
  • Data compression– Help in increasing the speed of work and reduce traffic consumption
  • Access control– Restrict plugged device so that only authorized users can use it.

FlexiHub supports:

  • Windows: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 and Server 2012
  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.9-10.10
  • Linux: Working perfectly fine on Debian 8, Centos 7, Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 15.10

FlexiHub Subscription plans:

FlexiHub comes with both free and paid plans. So if you want to give a try to this amazing software, then you can go with:

Free plan: Offers you 2 Nodes, 1 Device, and 20-minute session

And after trying a free plan you think that you need to upgrade to Paid plan then, you can choose out of three different subscriptions named as Basic, Professional, and Bussiness Plans. You can visit the following link for more details about FlexiHub Subscription prices

Once you have selected the plan according to your requirements, setting up FlexiHub is very easy, but still there may be users who may find it difficult to use this tool. By keeping this thing in mind, I decided to make a detailed tutorial that will teach you step by step how to use this tool

How to Install FlexiHub

1. Simply download the latest version of FlexiHub using this link

2. After that install the software on your machine, just like you install any other software.

How to Create FlexiHub Account

1. To share your USB device over the internet or remotely, you need to create an account as you’re using this software for the first time:

2. Once you click on Sign up option, it will take you to the web page with a signup form. You need to fill this form and click on Create Account option.

How to Manage your FlexiHub Account

1. To manage or view your FlexiHub account details, you need to launch the FlexiHub, choose Account->Settings, and login with your credentials.

2. Here you will see your personal profile page. From where you can perform different actions like:

  • Check your account subscription
  • Upgrade or downgrade your current plan
  • Check out no of computers or nodes currently logged into your account
  • Change your password.

How to Lock or Protect USB device from Remote Access

With FlexiHub, you can protect any USB device connected to your local machine so that it can’t be accessed remotely.

1. To lock or protect USB device, you need to click on Lock option which is available in all the USB devices in the list.

2. To unlock, simply make a click on Unlock option respectively.

How to Change USB Device Description

In case you want to change the USB shared device description, which is visible under USB device type, in the list of all the USB devices available. To change the description:

1. You need to select Chang device description or press F2 key.

2. After that add the description you want to add.

3. Now to make these changes simply hit enter and click somewhere outside of the box. In case you press the Esc key, then it will cancel all the changed you made or applied.

That’s its guys. Now it’s your turn to check out this amazing software on your machine and let me know your experience in the comments. In case you have any query, drop in the comments. I will definitely try to help you in resolving the issues.

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Download FlexiHub-Free USB over IP Software to Share USB devices over Internet

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