101 New Cool Instagram Names

Do you use Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most sought after and top growing Social Networking site that largely allows Photo Sharing as perfect interaction by its esteemed users.

However, Several people haven’t yet joined Instagram at present. So it is the right time to grab in a successful manner your Cool Instagram Names that you are properly willing to assign them as your best usernames.

In case; If you have a Facebook account in that case, then you can perfectly get started with a lot of perfection with an Instagram Account, mainly because Facebook owns Instagram. You can also perfectly register in it by successfully using your Existing Facebook account.

In the present scenario, people uploading photos stopped directly in Facebook but rather they are successfully uploading in Instagram plus wholeheartedly sharing them on Facebook.

This particular move helps and supports to develop both the accounts in the best possible manner rightly.

Instagram Names

Remember, That just before posting properly your initial Instagram Photo you require a Cool Instagram User Name to a great extent for your Instagram handler.

Here are some of the Cute, Cool, Good, Funny, Unique Instagram Names:

1. Apt Instagram Names using underscore

In case, if you’re apt user is taken already and by any lucky opportunity of your dream has just two words separate then by perfectly placing an Underscore may be a decent choice.

Underscore assists people identify clearly the Username plus that the username is a blend of two meaningful and different words. You have your right to come up with a best apt username that suits your special and unique needs and requirements in Instagram.

You can create hype among others with your Apt Instagram Names using underscore in a successful manner.

2. Instagram Names using Using a Dot

Your liked name must be your chief importance but if it is not readily available then placing a dot may assist and support you with a lot of perfection.

Certain people in their usernames tend to properly add dot just because there are other social related profiles that are having a dot in it.


They think strongly like why not has just a dot in their other usernames too, in this particular Instagram name case.

3. Instagram Names using Adding Initials

It is a good idea by adding your initial to your username in case if they are not readily available for just you.

In certain countries just adding Initials indicates the level of trust of an individual whether he’s fake or real in a successful manner. Initial can be one alphabet or two or more alphabets, which can be used for the naming purpose in the best possible manner.

It is easy for the visitors to remember the initial of a person or their username among the lost list.

4. Instagram Names using Adding Niche

If you are a right kind of marketer and you wish to be one among them, then this is just for you. Certain popular and most sought after Marketers in their Usernames add their Niche. Then why not also you add one if you like with a lot of perfection.

5. Instagram Names using Appending “THE.”

In Instagram name, adding The indicates pride plus significance to your valued account. On the other hand, this particular concept comes under the category of Cool Instagram Names.

Just being significantly cool is decent and best for health in many aspects in a successful manner. The word “The” is easy to remember by others.

6. Instagram Names using Domain Name as User Name

In case, if you have a blog or website which is very personal or professional then why not use your domain name properly with your Cool Instagram Name.

It is real might be easier for others to remember both Instagram and blog Username. This particular method largely helps and supports users in identifying a particular name.

7. Instagram Names using by trying Hacker’s Language

Hacker’s language is just like for instance worm is spelled simply as w0rm or Team is spelled like T3am. In case, if you are Nerd or Geek this might largely become your Cool Instagram Name and Funny Instagram Name.

You can use your creative and innovative skill to come with best that suits your username to a great extent.

8. Instagram Names using Spell Backwards

You can successfully create a suitable username with spell backward and set as your attractive Instagram Name. This method also helps others to identify you among others who have your desired actual name.

This particular method is much non-mandatory, but you perfectly may try under certain conditions when all other options don’t work perfectly for you in the matter of deciding your username in a successful manner.

9. Instagram Names using Cool Instagram Names / Usernames

To rightly differentiate yourselves from others, you have to select a Cool Username for your Instagram Handler. You can indulge in it with the suggestions and advice from your family members, friends, and colleagues to come out with a cool name that aptly suits you in many aspects. Some cool usernames for Instagram are-

  • AuthorLaugh,
  • ReaderBoost,
  • ChattyVampire,
  • Clevers,
  • DoubleZippo,
  • Interviewer,
  • Helpful,
  • ChaseTigerStargal,
  • HipMaster,
  • BulletinFeatured,
  • Rejoice,
  • Slayerland,
  • PositiveTimes,
  • hodor,
  • Overbox,
  • AdviceAsh,
  • MusicEnjoy,
  • NightShoes,
  • GotLive,
  • Number1Summer,
  • LiveRocker,
  • NiceBlond,
  • LikeArticle,
  • Number1Ticker,
  • Gametrix,
  • HeadlinesGame,
  • Kidwell,
  • LoLking,
  • EventsPassion BornBack, etc.

10. Instagram Names using Funny Instagram Names

There is nothing wrong with being funny in any aspect while choosing your funny Instagram names. You can select a username such as-

  • iLikeMe,
  • Manic Psycho,
  • NetFreak,
  • WishIhadYou,
  • Funky Money,
  • Hypnosis,
  • FlavoursNKiss,
  • Born-confused,
  • Cybertron,
  • BlahBlahBlackSheep,
  • Oblivion,
  • Leatherleader,
  • Entertain-me,
  • LordOfMud,
  • CyberKing,
  • NotMeThenWho,
  • BattletoSettle,
  • CyberWarrior,
  • GameHeart,
  • urbanLegend,
  • Bad Ass and much more.

You can select from the list readily available in the print and electronic media. Some of the popular funny names are EyeStart, DramaBreaking, AniKing, HumanFunky, AmyWalker, HelloTin, Pinkees, Born2Cake, and SnowBoard.

You can create or generate your funny names that spark laughter in another plus it may prove easy to remember by them without getting confused with another list of usernames in a successful manner.

How to Find Cool Instagram Names which are not taken?

Instagram Names which are not taken

Are you still wondering how you can find a cool Instagram name which is available and you can easily grab for your account!

Then there is a web based service, SpinXO which we already mentioned on our previous post regarding blog name generators.

SpinXO is an Online name generator which helps you in finding a good name whether you are looking for your blog, Instagram, twitter or for your youtube channel.

If you have already occupied any cool name for your Instagram account, you can share with us in comments also. Cheers! Smile

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101 New Cool Instagram Names

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