181+ Best Material Design Wallpaper 4K 2017 (HD) Windows 7, 8 & 10

Looking for some of the best material design wallpaper creations for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10? Don’t miss this opinion piece about material design wallpapers hd.

The Google material design user interface is one of the latest features which Google’s Android introduced in Android Lollipop, and which is getting more popular among designers. This new modern design provides devices with a slick and cool look. If you’re using an Android phone, you might have noticed that lots of Android apps are getting a material design makeover in the recent updates. Everyone knows that wallpaper is the easiest way to customize your desktop, provide a new look and bring new life to the device and this material design looks actually do the same. You can also use Rainmeter skins to enhance your desktop, but these material design backgrounds are the latest trend.

Just like Android, lots of users are looking for some of the best material design wallpapers to create the feel of the material design style on their desktop or laptop device running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Keeping this in mind, I decided to gather all the best material design wallpapers for Windows into a single post.

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Why don’t you check all of them and see if you want to download one for your machine? Just click the link to download your favorite material design wallpaper.

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Note: To download these material design wallpapers make sure to click on titles of the wallpapers

Best Material Design Wallpaper for Windows

We originally created a collection of 4o wallpaper which you can see below. However, we have updated this collection due to popular demand which you can access by clicking the link below to access 141 more material design creations.

Google+ Album Link to over 141 more design

Material Design Wallpaper Dark


2. Windows 10 Material Design Wallpaper 4K


3. Google I/O Material Design Wallpaper


4. Material Design Wallpapers Red HD


5. Dark Material Design Wallpaper


6. Blue Material Design Wallpaper Chrome

New Material Design Wallpapers Chrome

7. Black and Red Material Design Wallpaper


8. Blue Material Design Wallpaper


9. Blue and Black Material Design Wallpaper


10. Blue and Green Material Design Wallpaper


11. Blue and Orange Material Design Wallpaper 4K


12. Green Material Design Wallpaper HD


13. Dark Material Design Wallpaper


14. Steam Material Design Wallpaper


15. Blue and Green Material Design Wallpaper Full HD


16. Yellow and Orange Material Design Wallpaper


17. Android L Material Design Dark Wallpaper


18. Google Material Design Wallpaper


19. Red Material Design Wallpaper


20. Black Material Design Wallpaper


21. Material Design Red Wallpaper


22. Material Design Wallpaper Red Mix


23. Android Lollipop Material Design Wallpaper


24. Blue, Red and White Material Design Wallpaper


25. Google Blue and Purple Material Design Wallpaper


26. Black and White Material Design Wallpaper [Steam Inspired]


27. Wallpaper Material Design HD

Wallpaper Material Design HD

28. Gray Material Design Wallpaper


29. Black and Blue Material Design Wallpaper


30. Black and Green Material Design Wallpaper


31. Black, Blue and Red Material Design Wallpaper


32. Red and Black Material Design Wallpaper


33. Black Material Design Wallpaper


34. Blue, Yellow and Green Material Design Wallpaper


35. Gray and Black Material Design Wallpaper


36. Material Design HD Wallpaper for PC

Material Design HD Wallpaper for PC

37. Gray Material Design Wallpaper

gray material design wallpaper

38. Blue and Yellow Material Design Wallpaper

Material Design yellow wallpaper

39. Black and White Material Design Wallpaper


40. Red Material Design Wallpaper

best material design wallpaper

So these are some of the best material design wallpaper for Windows with which you can try to give a new look to your machine. Why don’t you try these and if you’ve any other best material design wallpaper, feel free to share in the comments.

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181+ Best Material Design Wallpaper 4K 2017 (HD) Windows 7, 8 & 10

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