12 Best Website to Create your own Avatar from Photos (2016)

Looking for a way to create your own avatar from photos? Actually, it is possible. Even there are lots of websites available over the web using which you can create a cartoon character of yourself for Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and other social media profiles.

Website to Make/Create a Cartoon Character of yourself

Sometimes we feel bored to put off our real pictures again and again or you might not want to put your real pics in any social media profile. You can create or make a cartoon character of yourself to get rid of this boredom. It will be a real fun and something different to represent yourself as anime character on different social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. Additionally, it will also give a brand new look to your online profile.

Best Websites to Create your own Avatar from Photos

There are lots of web sources available over the web that let you create your own cartoon character, but the question that comes to mind is how to create your own avatar from photos, right?

By keeping this thing in mind, I decided to cover some of the best websites to create your own cartoon character. The good thing is that you don’t have to pay a single buck to an artist for your cartoon illustrations.

1. Face Your Manga

face your manga

Faceyourmanga is one of the most popular social web service using which you can create, modify and get the cartoon character or avatar you want to make. You can also share your created avatar with the Faceyourmanga community

2. South Park Studio

make your own south park character

With the help of South Park Studio service, you can make your own south park character by using the thousand of part available for you. The “SP-Studio” is one of the largest tools that let you create a South Park Avatar or Cartoon Character using your picture.

3. Pick a Face

pick a face

Pick a Face is another good service using which you can create amazing cartoon character. It has more than 550 plus designs and featured which are specially designed for you. The good thing about this tool is that you can also recreate your cartoon character without starting from scratch

4. WeeWorld

weeme world avatar

WeeWorld is well known social networking site created for fun, where you can make new friends, send the message to them, play games, and create your own avatar. Using the site avatar maker you can also create cartoon character as per your wish. For that you just need to select the gender and start crafting your avatar.

5. TheCartoonist

cartoonize me

TheCartoonist is one of the most popular web service available for the users who love creating cartoon characters. With the help of this tool, you can convert any picture into a cartoon. The aim behind creating this tool is to help people who can’t pay for a cartoon drawing of themselves.

6. Cartoon Photo

cartoon photo

Using Cartoon Photos cartoon maker, you can convert your photo into cartoon just by making a single click. So if you want to change photo expression and emotions? Or you just need to create a gif animated face online from your own photo? You must try this tool.

7. Meez


Meez is an amazing avatar maker service using which you can create your own 3D animated avatar which you can directly export to most of your web profiles, blogs and related sites.

8. KusoCartoon


KusonCartoon helps you in converting your photos into incredible cartoons. The cartoon character or avatar you made from this service can be used on different social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Gmail, and more.

9. Portrait Illustration Avatar

photo illustration maker

Portrait Illustration maker is another best, good and free avatar generator tool using which you can generate avatar. It’s available for blogs and SNS.

10. Picassohead


With the help of this tool, you can easily transform any of your Picasso-like painting into avatar or cartoon character of your type.

11 Cartoonize

cartoon me

Cartoonize is another easy and free to use cartoon character maker using which you can create cool cartoon character. You just need to select your image from the button provide below, in the second step choose the cartoon effect and you’re done.

12. Dopple Me

dropple me

DoppleMe let you create a cool graphical likeness of yourself, your friends, family or any group of people. The avatar created with the help of this tool can be used in different forums, blogs, instant messenger, and almost anywhere else on the web.

Why don’t you try these best website and create your own avatar or make cartoon character of yourself? Let us know what you think about these websites.

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12 Best Website to Create your own Avatar from Photos (2016)

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