6 Best Sources to Download Rainmeter Themes and Skins Online for Free

Want to know from where you can grab some of the best Rainmeter themes and skins for you computer, then don’t miss to check this article as in upcoming lines you will read about some of the best sources to download Rainmeter themes online for free.


Rainmeter is one of the most popular desktop customization tools available for Windows operating system. This free tool is used by people all over the world. It display different customizable skins like RSS feeds and weather forecast, battery power and memory right on your desktop and makes it look like a real machine.

Rainmeter provides you some of the best and simple skins which help you to learn about how to use and modify Rainmeter. Even Rainmeter have a big and growing community of users who create their own skins and share it with other users so that they can also use them.

You can find lots of articles available over the web from where you can choose the best Rainmeter theme and skins for your Windows PC. But what is the exact place or source from where these blogs get some of the best Raimeter skins and themes for you? Instead of wasting time in checking these weblogs, why don’t you just head over to real sources and grab the one which you can use to customize your Windows machine.

If you start looking over the web for some best sources to download Rainmeter themes and skins, then you will find very few sites. To make your job easier, I decided to make a list of the best places or sites to download Rainmeter skins and themes.

In upcoming lines, you’re going to read about some of the best places from where you can grab some new skins which you can use and modify. The good thing about Rainmeter skins is that there are lots of different skins available and you can switch between them.

So what are you waiting for guys, why don’t you start checking the first sources:

1. deviantArt


DeviantArt is one of the most popular social community for artists and art enthusiasts that allow users to share their own creation. This is also known as the largest places for Rainmeter themes and skins. The Rainmeter group’s curated gallery have skins that will work for sure and are safe. You can also browse the complete Rainmeter Category gallery.

2. Customize.org


Customize.org is another good place and named as one of the oldest places to grab some Rainmeter skins and themes which suit your interest. This site is the first site that allow users to host skin people want to share with other. The good thing about this site is that you can find some great old work that you will never find elsewhere.

3. Lifehacker Desktop Show & Tell


Lifehacker’s Desktop Show and Tell is a Flickr group where you can add screenshots of your computer desktop and images of your workspace to the group and tell all the member of the community about setting all things up. If your desktop or workspace has potential to impress other, it will be featured on the site.

4. Reddit (/r/rainmeter)


Every online reader knows about Reddit.com and the good thing is that the Rainmeter community on a Reddit is really an awesome place to get some best skins and theme for your Windows PC. You can also get different ideas and fix things related to Rainmeter. You can also check and share things people are creating and become part of their work using Rainmeter.

5. Rainmeter Forum: Share Your Creations

rainmeter desktop customization tool

Rainmeter has its own forum where you can join all the Rainmeter community to grab some new Rainmeter themes and skins. You can also ask other community members if you have any query related to Rainmeter. The good thing about this place is that you can find some innovative and fresh skins developed right here in the forum.

6. Themebin


From High-Quality Windows 7 Themes to HD Wallpapers and all types of look and feel customization for your PC and your gadgets all under one roof. Theme Bin is the home of high-quality content.

Whatever you download from the internet, so you need to keep few things is mind while downloading and installing Rainmeter themes and skins you get from other than rainmeter.net directly.

So these are some of the online sources which you can use to download Rainmeter online for free. So give a try and let us know your experience. You can also share with us your sources if I forget to mention any good name in the comments.

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6 Best Sources to Download Rainmeter Themes and Skins Online for Free

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