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14 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

If you wish to largely know and be aware of the best SEO tools in one place,

then you will LOVE this guide.

Yes, you read that right; We will guide you on this.

I tested personally and reviewed a good number of SEO tools online. You can filter through the given list to personally find out the apt tools for you.

One of the most loved features of WordPress is its friendliness in the SEO aspects with a lot of perfection. On the other hand, Plugins can perfectly add more value to this particular aspect.

In the SEO market, there are good numbers of SEO plugins for WordPress that make it much easier to get better indexed by search engines to a great extent.

Today I shall talk to you regarding the best SEO plugins for WordPress:

Yoast SEO


Yoast has successfully built a largely popular and strong-growing SEO plugin for WordPress. In spite of the fact this isn’t the very initial extension of its kind, but the title perfectly gained user’s immediate attention.

There are certain significant reasons just behind this aspect. The plugin comes with a unique Page Analysis tool that can properly evaluate the content SEO quality plus perfectly indicate the SEO score in a successful manner with a traffic signal type symbol. What more; Best to try.


  • Easy to use and works right out the box.
  • Recommend by most top internet marketers.
  • Incorporates social media setting for greater exposure.


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All In One SEO Pack

All in one SEO Pack WordPress Plugin

All In One SEO Pack also has scored more than one million active installs in the open market. Isn’t it an awesome statistic; It faces hectic and healthy competition from Yoast SEO.

On a single page, it perfectly presents all of the plugin settings. In case, if you enjoy a master dashboard to control each and everything, this may suitably fit you perfectly well in several aspects.

On the other hand, if you feel daunted, there are categorized and explanations listings of these particular configuration options with a lot of perfection.

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SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate WordPress Plugin

This particular plugin has a comparatively less number of active installs that is only 200,000+ in the open market among the three plugins, but it is successfully loaded with certain amazing features with a lot of perfection.

SEO Ultimate largely strives to be in a literal sense the ‘ultimate’ search engine optimization plugin largely for your WordPress related site. It perfectly organizes the significant plugin settings in the right kind of ‘modules’ that you will get to the plugin’s dashboard page with a lot of perfection.

These can be largely disabled or enabled anytime. Just think about it!

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Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO Pack WordPress Plugin

This is a special premium SEO plugin that will assist you to properly optimize your site for making more money and the search engines.

Won’t you try? With a minification tool, this plugin comes which will support you offer a great experience to your esteemed users and to make your site load quickly.

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WP Social SEO Booster

WP Social SEO Booster Plugin

Social optimization is largely significant in the present scenario because users all know and aware that search engine such as Google perfectly uses social signals as one of the main factors while rightly deciding search related results.

It does not end here; On the other hand, if your site gets some good mentions in sites related to social media, your site is more probably to get a better status in search related results.

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SEO Pressor WordPress Plugin

This plugin provides some useful benefits which assist you to optimize your blog posts perfectly. The keyword analysis completes through this plugin makes SEOPressor leap out from the rest.

With a well-guided approach, it is a powerful plugin to improve organic traffic to your site; assists you to optimize your blog posts. Yes, this plugin is irresistible.

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Rankie WordPress SEO Plugin

Rankie isn’t exactly an SEO plugin, but with valuable insight, it largely assists you to improve overall search engine related exposure for your site rightly.

Fair enough; On the other hand, it is a WordPress rank checker plugin that will properly assist you to track WordPress rankings on Google maintaining a close eye on each and every keyword position.

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SEO by SQUIRRLY wordpress Plugin

Squirrly SEO plugin perfectly assists you to create content which is human and search bot friendly. So, it will assist you to get the best ranking in search results, plus keep your esteemed users engaged.

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SEO Friendly Images

SEO friendly Images Plugin

This is a user-friendly plugin that optimizes the images on your site through inserting proper TITLE plus ALT attributes for search engines. In case, if you optimize your images properly, it can increase the traffic to a huge extent to your site.

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Scribe SEO

Scribe SEO WordPress Plugin

It is another very effective and significant WordPress SEO plugin, Scribe that makes it much easier to conduct in-depth research that assists writers plus content producers to create quality content.

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Remove Query Strings

Remove Query strings wordpress plugin

Another effective plugin from static resources is Remove query strings which improve entire SEO quality of your site. On the other hand, when you serve JavaScript or CSS resources with a “?” or “&” in the URL, it might not get cached through certain proxy servers.

One of the best tools; Think about it!

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Redirection WordPress Plugin

It is to be noted that there will be several instances when you will have to redirect your site successfully, one URL to another keeping the backlinks, plus other SEO elements in place, plus for that, you will require a quality plugin perfectly to redirect URLs.

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SEO Smart Links

SEO smart links Plugin

Internal links are a significant part of entire optimization for your site mainly because internal links guide search engines in order to visit plus index other vital posts plus pages of your site.

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All In One Rich Snippets

All In One Rich Snippets

Rich snippets help to improve how your post looks by providing more info about the post in the search results. It is very interactive. It can display star ratings, photos, author, price, etc. that will make your blog post leap out from the competition.

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It is to be remembered that each of the above-mentioned three plugins has certain unique points of benefits. SEO Ultimate provides certain handy features that will make your SEO efforts more beneficial.

All In One SEO Pack perfectly gives you a good deal of features at an attractive price, and Yoast gets my favorite vote for its page analyzer signal lights, and so on. At present, it’s your turn to select the aptest plugin for your purpose.

In the comments below let me know which is your favorite and why? 

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