16 Best, New & Free Home Screen launchers for Android Phone

Want to customize homescreen of your Android phone? In this article you will find some of the best, new, and free home screen launchers for Android phone.

best new free home screen launchers for Android phone

Everyone of us love Android phone because of its great customization nature, but sometimes we get bored of default vanilla Android experience and want something different and new. Fortunately it can be done with minimum efforts and the good thing is that you don’t need to have a rooted Android phone.

Android Homescreen launchers are very popular amoung users now a days. Just by installing a launcher app you can completely change the look of your device homescreen. Launcher apps provide you lots of customization options, themes and icon for your device, as well as complete control over how you want your phone to behave when launch apps, switch off the screen and more.

Here are the best, new, and free home screen launchers for Android phone which may love to install.

Best, New and Free Home Screen Launchers for Android Phone

1. Nova Launcher

nova launcher for android phone

Nova Launcher is one of the best and free launcher app available for modern Android operating system, featuring material design look. It turn your device home screen into the one you can customize and control. It let you change layouts, icons, animations and more.

2. Google Launcher Now

google now launcher for for android phone

Google Now a.k.a Google Now Launcher is one of the best, fast and clean search launcher for Android that makes searching faster. You don’t need to launch Chrome or any other browser for a query

3. Yahoo Aviate Launcher

yahoo aviate launcher for android phone

Yahoo Aviate launcher is not only smart but gorgeous too! It automatically categorizes your information and apps so that you can quickly find it and save your valuable time.

4. Action Launcher 3

action launcher for android phone

Action launcher is one of the most flexible and powerful home screen launchers for Android phone that oozes material design. It replaces your device home screen with a customizable, colorful and speedy app.

5. Smart Launcher 3

smart launcher 3 for android phone

Smart Launcher 3 is another good and entirely different from other launchers available on Play Store. It’s innovative launcher that makes your Android well organized and intuitive. It’s not based on AOSP launcher.

6. Firefox OS

firefox os for android phone

If you’re a great fan of Firefox, then you can try Firefox OS which works as a launcher on your device. It adds simple , large icons, let you access the Firefox marketplace as well as some privacy features. You can try the developer preview by downloading it from here

7. Buzz Launcher

buzz launcher for android phone

Buzz Launcher with new concept launcher and best for an intuitive device. Using it you can freely download, apply, customize, share, and even create home screen.

8. C Launcher

c launcher for android phone

C Launcher is a futuristic launcher which is smart, speedy, clean, battery saver, and highly personalized. It provide you user friendly-interface, speedy mobile searches that let you protect your privacy from any third party apps.

9. Apex Launcher

apex launcher for android phone

If you want to give complete makeover to your device homescreen, then you must try Apex Launcher. It has lots of customization features, scrollable dock, elastic scrolling, fancy transition effects and more.

10. Z Launcher Beta

nokia z launcher for android phone

Z launcher is an amazing free home launcher for Android phone. It launched anything in no seconds. Its very simple to use, and launch contacts, apps, or even websites. Even show you right stuff at right time.

11. Yandex. Shell

yandex.shell launcher for android phone

Yandex.Shell is awesome home screen launcher featuring dialer and address book. Its only takes few seconds to personalize various screen. The interface of the launcher automatically sort your widgets and apps. You can also use the launcher 3D carousel to switch between screens.

12. Go Launcher Z

go launcher z for android phone

Go Launcher Z is smart, stylish, personalized and slim app for your Android phone. Its upgraded version of GO Launcher EX. It comes with flat and clean interface design with interactive control experience

13. Line Launcher

line launcher for android phone

Line Launcher is the Line’s official Android phone aim to provide a brand new look to your device screen in a twinkle. It comes with 3000+ tredy and classy themes, smart widgets and features. Its searching features helps you you find what you need right away.

14. Solo Launcher

solo launcher for android phone

Solo Launcher is one of the best home launcher for Android phone available on Google PLay. It comes with lots of features like, it let you customize the device interface the way you want. The special thing about this launcher is that it consume very small amount of device space which in result boost your device performence.

15. CM Launcher 3D

cm launcher 3d for android phone

CM Launcher 3D is one of the best launcher powered by 3D launcher. It bring your device a lightening fast speed, awesome 3D transition effects, and customized operations. It provide you smooth working experience and your phone will feel like new.

16. Themer

theme launcher for android phone

Themer is another outstanding launcher with free themes that include neat icon packs, HD wallpapers, and amazing widgets to suit any occasion or mood. You can explore the extensive library of colorful, minimal, exotic, and beautiful free and premium themes.

17. Microsoft Arrow Launcher

arrow launcher for android phone

Arrow launcher is a Microsoft garage project. It is the personal and simple launcher for Android that provides you simplification of the Android experience. It is very easy to find, open and get back your favorite apps.

Why don’t you try out these best, new and free home screen launchers for Android phone. Don’t forget to let me in the comments which one you really like.

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16 Best, New & Free Home Screen launchers for Android Phone

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