50 Best Must Have Mac Apps 2016

Today’s article is based on an answer to question i.e. What are some of the best must-have apps, utilities, and software for mac. So, if you really looking for some best apps for mac, don’t miss to check this opinion piece.

Best Must Have Mac Apps and Utilities

Whether you’re Mac new user or seasonal veteran, you definitely looking for some of the best must have mac software apps, and utilities download for better communications, productivity, media management, and more.

The good thing about the following applications is that all of them are totally free and developed by third party developers. By using these apps, you can do things which are not possible to perform on Mac and make you more productive.

Must Have Apps, Utilities, and Software for Mac

Why don’t you have look at some of the best essential and must have mac apps which you must try:

1. Infinit.io

infinit for mac

Infinit.io let you send files and folder of any size from your Mac PC to other devices which include Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC or Mac itself.

2. Spectacle

spectacle for mac

Spectacle is another cool application that helps in positioning and organizing windows on your screen without using a mouse.

3. Elmedia Player

elmedia player media player for mac

It’s a free media player app for Mac OS X which supports a great variety of audio and video formats. Some of the supported formats are SWF, FLV, MP4, AVI, MP4, MOV, DAT, and MP3. You can also upgrade to pro version to get extra benefits of download videos from the web.

4. Knock

Knock is another cool app that lets you unlock your Mac PC without any password right from your Apple Watch and iPhone.

5. ImageOptim

ImageOptim is image optimization app which makes images consume less disk space and load quickly without sacrificing the quality.

6. HiddenMe

hiddenme for mac

With the help of HiddenMe, you can hide all your desktop icon just with a single click.

7. SiteStuck

sitestuck for mac

SiteStuck automatically downloads sites directly from the internet by asynchronously copying the website web pages, PDFs, images, and other files to hard disk.

8. Sunrise Calendar

sunrise calendar app for mac

Sunrise Calendar is beautifully designed best calendar app for mac that connects with all your favorite apps as well as syncs between your computer, phone, and tablet.

9. Download Shuttle

Download Shuttle is one of the best and fast download manager and accelerator.

10. Toggl

Toggl is easy to use cloud time to track app which keeps all your time logs in sync with an online version.

11. Fluid

fluid for mac

Using this app, you can create a Fluid Apps or Real mac app of any web application or website. It effectively turning your favorite web apps into OS X desktop apps.

12. Transmit

transmit for mac

Transmit for Mac is a full-service FTP client for the Mac OS X platform.

13. Caffeine

With the help of this tiny program, you can prevent your Mac PC from sleeping, dimming or starting screen savers just with the help of menu bar.

14. NoSleep

NoSleep is easy to use program that protects your MacBook from sleeping when you close the lid.

15. Air Browser

Air Browser is one of the best browser apps that comes with all your favorite sites running in the background. You can easily access these sites right from the menubar.

16. MacDropAny

macdropany for mac

Using MacDropAny, you can easily sync any folder lying on your Mac PC with the cloud storage service you love the most.

17. Self Control

selfcontrol for mac

With the help of Self-Control, you can easily block access to mail servers, distracting sites, or anything else available over the internet.

18. Gas Mask

Gas Mask is an amazing host file editor for mac which permanently block access to certain sites from your computer.

19. Pixel Winch

It’s a screen measurement application with a unique approach. It combines aspects of an image editor with quick access to a modal interface which is very similar to OS X’s Dashboard or Launchpad.

20. Buffer

With the help of Buffer, you can share text, links, pictures, videos you want to share with your loved ones.

21. Hocus Focus

hocus focus

Hocus Focus automatically hide all the apps which are inactive for a long period of time.

22. AirDroid

airdroid for mac

Using AirDroid, you can connect your Mac to Android phone and manage photos, access data, transfer files and lot more.

23. PushBullet

Pushbullet is a fantastic app that lets you share files links and notification wherever you go.

24. Unarchiver

The Unarchiever is the easy use small application that lets you unarchive a different kind of archive files. Using this app you can open common formats like RAR, Zip, 7-zip, Tar, Bzip2, Gzip and lot more.

25. iBrowse

With the help of this app, you get access to iOS device file system. It simply connects your device to the computer and let you write and read to device’s media, app and root directories.

26. GIF Brewery

gif brewery for mac

GIF Brewery is awesome GIF creator app for Mac OS X that let you convert your video clips to GIFs

27. Karabiner

karabiner for mac

karabiner is stable and powerful keyboard customizer for OS X using which you can easily customize from prepared settings. You can also add your own settings by XML.

28. BetterTouchTool

BetterTouchtool is that let you configure different gestures for your Macbook Trackpad, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad. With the help of this app, you can also configure actions for normal mice, keyboard shortcuts, and the Apple Remote.

29. Hazel

Hazel is another good system preference panel available for Mac that works quietly in the background. This app automatically fills, organize and clean your stuff.

30. Helium

Helium is good floating browser using which you can watch media while you work. With the help of this,  your content will never fall behind other windows, even you make switch tasks.

31. Dropzone

dropzone for mac

Dropzone is an amazing app using which you can quickly and easily move and copy files from one application and share files with different services.

32. RSS Bot- News Notifier

rss bot news notifier for mac

RSS Bot is a good app that keeps you updated with all your favorite RSS feeds in a sleek, simple and friendly manner.

33. F.lux

F.lux is one of the innovative application available for  Mac. This app calibrates color of your computer display based on your location and time of the day.

34. EVE

With the help of EVE, you can learn shortcuts if you really want to increase productivity with Mac OS X. The good thing about this app is that it will teach you the matching shortcut whenever you execute an action using the mouse.

35. Bootcamp

With the help of Bootcamp, you can easily install Windows on your Mac. The good thing is you can easily switch between Windows and OS X.

36. aText

atext for mac

With the help of aText your accelerates your typing by replacing abbreviations with recently used phrases your define.

37. Flashlight

flashlight for mac

Using Flashlight you can save a note, add a reminder, search the web, or do more than 190 things just by typing into your Mac’s Spotlight search box.

38. Disk Inventory X

It’s a disk usage utility app for Mac which shows the sizes of folders and files in an amazing graphical way called treemaps.

39. Alfred

Alfred is a productivity and launcher application which saves your time when you look for files on your Mac and online.

40. BitTorrent Sync

With the help of this app, you can keep your folders and files on your phone and computer in sync with each other but without using the iCloud. The good thing is that there is no size limitations.

41. Bartender

bartender for mac

With the help of Bartender, you can organize menu bar apps by rearranging them, hiding them, or moving them to Bartender’s Bar.

42. CloudUp

cloudup for mac

CloudUp is the application developed by WordPress using which you can quickly upload and share all the local files and screenshots right from the menu bar. (Related post: WordPress Child Theme Creation: A Step-by-Step Tutorial).

43. Unclutter

Unclutter is an awesome and new place on your Mac desktop which you can use to store files, notes, and pasteboard clips.

44. TextBar

Textbar is a powerful but tiny app using which you can add text to your MenuBar.

45. Handbrake

HandBrake let you convert your videos from any format to widely supported modern codecs.

46. Soundflower

soundflower for mac

Soundflower is an amazing extension that let you pass the audio between two applications. It works as a virtual audio device with both input and output. With the help of this app, any audio application can receive and send any audio.

47. QuickCast

quickcast for mac

QuickCast is one of the best screencasting software for Mac OS x that let you record, publish, and share your screencasting.

48. MuteMyMic

MuteMyMic is Mac application using which you can control input volume from the status bar using a keyboard shortcut.

49. Oynx

Oynx is an amazing app that provides you access to different hidden settings. With the help of this app can configure system apps like Spotlight, Dock, and Finder. You can also perform system maintenance task

50. Control Air

ControlAir is a cool app that provides magical touch control functionality over media apps such as Spotify, iTunes, and related apps. You can skip songs, control volume, and pause the songs just by raising your finger in the air.

51. Pixelmator

pixelmator for mac

Pixelmator is one of the powerful image editing apps that provides you powerful tools which you require to create and edit your images.

52. Vox Player

vox player for mac

VOX Player is an alternative music player for Mac which plays almost all the popular formats which include FLAC, MP3, AAC, WAV and more.

53. Things

It’s easy to use task manager which stores all your do’s and keep them updated on Mac, iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

54. Tabular

Tabular is a tablature editor using which you can read and write music for bass, guitar, drums and more music instruments. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to learn and write new songs.

55. Living Earth

Living Earth is innovative weather and world clock apps for your Mac. You just need to make a single click on Mac menu bar to get weather for millions of cities around the world including the time.

56. Gear Player

gear player for mac

With the help of Gear Player, you can easily manage Youtube and Google Play music collection without the difficulties of a flash player or a web browser.

57. Geektool

geektool for mac

Geektool is a Rainmeter alternative and one best out of the must have mac apps if you really love desktop customization. It displays different kinds of information on your desktop with the help of 3 default plugins

58. Duet Display

With the help of Duet Display for Mac you can use your iPad as an external display.

59. AppCleaner

If you want to get rid of unwanted apps from your system, then you must try AppCleaner as it exactly does the same thing.

So these are some of the best software for mac which you can try on your machine. Also, let me know your favorite mac software and apps which I forget to mention in this opinion piece.

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50 Best Must Have Mac Apps 2016

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