9 Best Calendar Apps for Mac OS X 2016

Each Mac comes with the standard calendar app, but still you’re looking for the replacement? In this article, I will cover some of the best calendar apps for Mac OS X.

best calendar apps for mac os x
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Managing time is part of everyone’s life and calendar apps play very important role to achieve it. The default mac calendar app provides you handy features, but still Apple’s calendar app lacks some basic features. Thankfully there are lots of third party applications available which could be used as replacement for the default calendar application or Apple iCal for mac to take it to the next level.

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I have created a list of the best calendar apps for Mac OS X. If you’re looking for an alternative to Apple calendar app? One of the mentioned below get your job done.

Best Calendar Apps for Mac OS X

1. Sunrise Calendar

sunrise calendar app for mac

Sunrise is a free calendar application developed for iCloud, Google Calendar, and Exchange. The application connects you with all your favorite apps like Evernote, Facebook, Foursquare, Wunderlist, Todoist and more. It automatically syncs between your computer, phone, and tablet. It’s very easy to use and let you access your calendar from anywhere.

The Sunrise is a free app and can be easily downloaded from Mac Store.

2. Blotter (Add-on)

blotte calendar app for mac

Blotter is the iCal calendar reminder and event right on your desktop with impressive calendar viewer. It provides your complete week details as a part of the desktop background. Using Blotter, you can add a new reminder and event to your calendar as a snap. It will show you menu bar icon which works from within any app on your Mac.

The application uses very little processing power and memory. It also works with Google Calendar. It’s a paid app and you can download the application from Mac store for $9.99.

3. QuickCal

quickcal calendar app for mac

QuickCal is another good alternative for the standard Calendar app for Mac. Using this application you can create reminders and events quickly with natural language. You just need to click on the dock icon or tap a hotkey and start typing. It also suggests you common terms as you’re typing.

With its “Smart Alerts” feature you can create alarms at the configurable time period. Like 15 min in advance, one hour before the meeting and related. It will also show you menu bar featuring upcoming event and let you manage right from it. QuickCal supports Google Calendar, iCal, and BusyCal.

QuickCal can be purchased at a price of $2.99

4. BusyCal 2

busycal calendar app for mac

BusyCal is an unique and powerful calendar application that features customizable calendar view, integrated info panel that let you edit and view the events. It also has an integrated to-dos that display in the calendar, provide you custom font styles and sizes, live weather feeds, graphics and quick menu bar to easily access the current day weather and events.

It supports Google Calendar, Exchange, iCloud, and other CaIDAV servers. It let you sync and share your calendar within other Macs running the same application or the inbuilt Calendar app on OSX.

The application is not free and one can purchase it from Mac store at price of $49.99

5. Calendar 2

calendar app for mac os x

Calendar 2 is freeware Mac calendar app which users can try if they are looking for free alternative to default Calendar app. Using this application, you can browse BusyCal, iCal events, and Google Calendar easily and quickly.

Facebook integration feature you get the notification about birthdays, events you’re invited and much more. You can also get weather forecast up to 15 days as well as show sunrise/sunset, show wind, and more. It has 20 beautiful themes, set your own desktop background, or search Flickr.

It provides you option to switch between compact view a full month view.

6. Fantastical 2

fantastical 2 app for mac

Fantastical 2 is the powerful and beautiful calendar app your mac has been waiting for. It comes with powerful features like intuitive parsing engine, a quick access mini window, a full calendar window, time zone support, iCloud reminder support, and more.

It’s natural reminder creation, language event, awesome calendar views, smart even list make it best calendar app for mac. The infinite scrolling calendar and event list let you find and plan all your reminders and events. It works fine with all calendar service with native CaIDAV which includes Google, iCloud, Yahoo and more.

This application is not free and you have to purchase it for $49.99

7. Microsoft Outlook

microsoft outlook calendar app for mac

Microsoft Outlook is another good alternative for the users who don’t want to use Apple’s iCal or looking for Calendar application with Microsoft services integration. If this is the only goal you have or you want to all your emails and calendar in one place, you can go with Microsoft Outlook.

It is the one of the best calendar application out of all the best calendar apps for mac.

8. Remind Me Later

remind me later calendar app for mac

If you’re in love with Apple’s iCal, then you should download Remind Me later application. It confirms what and when you need to do it. With the help of this application, you can add events to iCal Mac calendar app just in two clicks. Click on the menu bar, type a reminder and you’re done.

The reminder you created using the Remind me later also shows up in iCal instantly. You can also sync your reminder to your iPhone using iCloud and vice versa.

9. Rainlendar

rainlendar calendar app for mac

Rainlendar is an another good calendar application for Mac. What makes this application different from above mentioned apps is customizable nature. Rainlendar always stays out of your way and remind you about all your tasks and event visible right on your desktop.

Rainlendar alarm feature gives you notifications about upcoming and important events. You can also change the look of the application using a variety of skins available for it. It’s translated to more than 50 different languages so, it’s very easy to use in your native language.

Why don’t you try these best calendar apps for Mac OS X and don’t forget to mention the name of the application which you prefer in the comment after reading the opinion piece

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9 Best Calendar Apps for Mac OS X 2016

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