7 Best Alternatives to SoundGecko (Replacements) 2016

You might be the one who’s looking for the answer to questions like What are some of the best SoundGecko replacements? or the best SoundGecko alternatives? I find this question to be very interesting and decided to cover this opinion piece in which you will read about similar services or apps related to SoundGecko.

best and free soundgecko alternatives

SoundGecko was one of the most popular service using which users was able to listen to websites, news, and written document for free in the browser or on the smartphone app.

Unfortunately, the team SoundGecko said final adieu from SoundGecko by posting a message on their official website i.e.

The website, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Chrome apps will be shutting down on March 1, 2015.

Best SoundGecko Replacements and Alternatives

Now this was really a sad news for SoundGecko lovers, and to fill the space of this service in their daily routine most of the users started looking for some of the best SoundGecko replacements and alternatives. The great thing is there are lots of similar services related to SoundGecko available over the web which you can use.

In upcoming lines, you will read about all of them. So why don’t you check the first one:

SoundGecko Alternatives for the Web

1. ReadSpeaker

readspeaker- text to speech

Use the power of ReadSpeaker text to speech to give a voice to your websites, mobile apps, digital books, e-learning materials, documents, and more.

2. VozMe

vozme- text to speech

vozMe is another amazing speech from text online tool that let you convert any written text material into speech. You just need to write the block of typed text into the box and it will convert the whole into a mp3 file. You can also add vozMe plugin to your blog or website which in return help to your valuable readers to hear your posts.

3. iSpeech

ispeech-text to speech

iSpeech is another freeware text to speech and speech recognition tool that let you convert written text to natural sounding voice recognition online. This service is becoming very popular in mobile apps, websites, and related stuff. You just need to enter any text and you won’t believe the quality which iSpeech offer you in return. It’s amazing human sounding feature enhance any application or tool which you want to use.

4. Natural Readers

natural reader- text to speech

Natural Reader is another good English desktop reader that let you easily convert your text into speech. This tool is capable of reading different, Web pages, PDF files, Word files, and other types of available file type formats. Natural Readers provides you more than 30 natural sounding voices 5 different languages.

Natural Reader is also available for Android and iOS platform for free with lots of cool features.

5. Imtranslator- Translate and Speak

imtranslator-text to speech

Imtranslator- Translate and Speak is an another good website which not only offers a free text to speech recognition but also provides you a tool which also work well as a free dictionary. You can easily save audio files to listen them later in offline mode.

Imtranslator also translates words, text, and phrases from more than 52 different languages including Frech, Spanish, English, German, Portuguese and lot more.

6. Text2Speech

text2speech- text to speech

Text2Speech is free online text to speech converter using which you can easily convert your written text file into speech. You just need to enter your text into the box, after that select one language from the drop down menu, set volume scale and click on Convert Text To Speech button and you’re done.

The speech which you can convert using this service can be used for any purpose including commercial uses.

7. SpokenText

spoken text- text to speech

With Spoken Text, you can easily convert any text into fine natural sounding speech. You can also convert different documents, web pages, just by copying and pasting the text you want to convert. It allows you to convert text into different languages like Englis, French, Spanish, or German.

SoundGecko Alternatives for iOS

1. Audiofy

With the help of Audiofy, you can convert any article into audio which you can listen on your device. It only takes less than five seconds to start listening to an article in more than 16 high-quality voices.

2. Lisgo

If you don’t have time to read, then listen to it using Lisgo. It’s a well-known text to speech app that convert web article saved in Pocket with a natural sounding voice.

3. Natural Reader

The NaturalReader is a free text to speech converter application that helps you to convert MS Word documents, e-books, PDF files, into spoken words. Using this application, you can read your text into more than 18 natural sounding voices (offline voices)

This app is also available for Android and you can download it from here

SoundGecko Replacements for Android

1. Lectios

Lectios is brand new SoundGecko replacements for Android. With the help of Lectios, you can listen to all your web content the way you listen your favorite music in MP3 music player.

So these are some of the alternatives to SoundGecko. Why don’t you try one out of them! You can also let me know, any other name which I forgot to mention in this list.

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  1. Audiofy is only for iPhone, but my service works for everyone – the UI is a bit crappy, but the features work. (i.e. you can email articles to an address and have it added to your playlist)

7 Best Alternatives to SoundGecko (Replacements) 2016

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