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Free/Paid Adsense WordPress Themes That Every Blogger Should Use

Adsense optimization is a great way to boost your click-through rate, by engineering little details which make a difference. Things like the placement of adverts and the size of the ads themselves are vital, even though it might seem like a trivial matter.

Doesn’t it sound good? Well;

Several companies have been working hard to deliver WordPress themes which are optimized to boost your click-through rate. The trick is to get the perfect balance between adverts and content. The adverts must be present but not obnoxious; the content must still be king.

AdSense and SEO go hand in hand, and you can get much higher CPC from organic traffic that comes from Google than from social or direct traffic because organic traffic is much more targeted.

Keeping it in mind; You might want to check these awesome SEO friendly WordPress themes.

Enough about AdSense itself because you are here looking for an AdSense Optimized WordPress theme and here you will find the best ones. I kept out spammy looking themes that are built to trick people to click on ads and left those that are well designed with great user experience and with a good code base. Enjoy!

Newspaper (Most Popular)

Newspaper Free Adsense WordPress Theme

If you are searching for an excellent WordPress AdSense theme, look no further than Newspaper. This product specializes in generating revenue for its owners by increasing the site’s view count and popularity.

The theme’s latest version released recently, Newspaper 7, introduces a new “Mobile Theme”, a technology that makes your website load even faster on small screen devices.

This built-in feature automatically optimizes the website’s content to create an amazing user experience for your visitors.

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Divi Builder Free Adsense WordPress Theme

The online world is the new frontier for ambitious entrepreneurs. Many popular websites manage to receive millions of views, and that attention can be marketed.

Divi is an AdSense Optimized WordPress theme that understands online advertisement and ad placement. Its excellent design and gorgeous layouts will be able to attract scores of customers and followers.

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Jevelin adsense wordpress theme

Jevelin is a colorful and creative, serious and professional, stylish and classy, tech-savvy and readily responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme.

Jevelin is the perfect solution for webmasters in need of a sturdy and robust platform for designing amazingly unique, personal or professional websites in no time at all and through a completely visual interface that requires absolutely no coding knowledge.

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Good life adsense wordpress theme 1Good life adsense wordpress theme 2Good life adsense wordpress theme 3Good life adsense wordpress theme 4Good life adsense wordpress theme 5

In many ways, the web is like the Wild West: only those with an entrepreneurial spirit can survive. GoodLife is an AdSense WordPress theme for users who understand the demands of the market.

It allows you to craft jaw-dropping websites that are sure to impress many visitors. A fine balance must be struck with advertising because too many ads can discourage people from frequenting your page.

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The Voux

The Voux WordPress Theme for Adsense

The Voux is a retina-ready, highly responsive plus comprehensive magazine theme best for WordPress. On the other hand, Pages are entirely customizable by the Visual Composer from that user-friendly headers may be largely created, bonding with mega menus that make use of tags, categories or sub-categories as a source.

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Interactive-Responsive WordPress theme

Interactive is a simple, affordable and reasonable WordPress theme that largely enables anybody to easily well-design their perfect ideal plus high-quality website.

The well-design philosophy just behind Interactive is apt for webmasters that have a requirement to rightly express themselves in a knowledgeable setting to their esteemed readers, permitting for a beating interaction.

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Wordx Responsive WordPress Theme

WordX is an understated and elegant WordPress theme, decently employed by content aggregators, online magazines, perhaps photojournalists and travel blogs. It is well-built to perfectly handle massive number of content plus high and large resolution images plus media. It is perfect building blocks of content-based websites.

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 Newspaper WordPress Theme

The Newspaper is a dazing WordPress Theme that is well-designed to be both responsive and adaptable. It is rightly ideal for content-rich sites such as blogs that it organizes well in a different manner in different classes.

What more?

It has advanced typography plus multiple colors, backgrounds, and fonts. Its feel and sleek look are sure to much impress. At present for a meager sum of money anybody can have a website that is looking professional.

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TruePixel is properly built on MyThemeShop’s trademark related framework that is brand new plus was released recently.

With the widgets, the features consist improved loading time of the page plus amongst other nice bits of details and information involving the general fact that it has been handwritten with CSS3 and HTML5 plus cleaned up for readability added.

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Nominal Theme

Nominal perfectly knows how to appeal to the lazy Adsense esteemed user largely. With confusing ad inserts and theme editing,   they state no need of tinkering around. The ad spaces are all digitized, entailing you can just press plus save for ad placements.

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Sahifa wordpress theme

Sahifa is the popular WordPress that is the equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife.

This particular theme is perfectly packed with decent features, each and every implemented to improve your site largely. Its offers the goodness of both worlds, as it is beautiful, intuitive and powerful. Usually comes at a cost, such innovation.

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Ramble is a stylish, expansive, unique, slender, unencumbered and perfectly easy to use.  It is also readily responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme.

In a matter of minutes, it is the right platform for the modern webmaster in the requirement of a versatile, mobile-friendly framework and flexible that helps the construction and design of resourceful blog websites, without touching a line of code. Nice one, right?

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AdMag Responsive Magazine Theme

ADMAG is a powerful and superb theme that rightly packs a bundle of benefits plus functions to ease the entire process of maintaining and designing your magazine or blog website plus several other similar projects of the website, with no coding experience needed plus astonishing visual results each and every single time.

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Herald is successfully developed by a significant author; it is a good AdSense theme particularly for WordPress websites. It provides a charming and modern design, with approximately 500 articles listing perfect layouts.

There are good numbers of options of customization plus there is no requirement for knowledge of programming.

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Truemag: AD & AdSense Optimized Magazine


Truemag largely encourages ultimate monetization; at affordable and reasonable pricing, you do positively hope so with it. In applying, the adverts do perfectly slip in plus out, interweaving between the best content plus edging into your vision of peripheral.

The particular theme is much responsive, rightly ensuring the proper presence of ads regardless of the device being largely used. It comes with skins of two different versions, actually depending on the tone of the website site you might wish to either use dark or light.

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Thank you for reading the whole article with interest. I greatly appreciate it! At present, you might wish to wholeheartedly learn how to make a website just by perfectly using paid successfully or free WordPress themes in a successful manner. You can now decide what is best for you.


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