24 Best Free Online Virus Scan Websites 2016

Chances are very high that you already had a sort of experience with a computer malware or virus in the past. If not, then you’re the luckiest person – but that doesn’t mean you will be safe in future, especially if you’re running Windows operating system. It is highly advised to install an antivirus on your […]

10 Best Free Websites to Record Voice Online 2016

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20 Best Free Online Game Sites List 2016

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How to Deactivate My Whatsapp Account Temporarily

Lots of people asking me to share the guide on how to deactivate WhatsApp my account temporarily without deleting it or turning off the mobile data. I find this too interesting so I decided to dedicate this article to all the WhatsApp users. Officially there is no options available in Whatsapp settings to temporarily deactivate my WhatsApp account just […]

The Best Free Apps for Android Phones 2016

There are lots of best and free applications available over Google Play store and continue to grow every day. How you’re going to know about the best free apps for Android phones? At What’s With Tech, I regularly share lots of best free apps for Android lovers, but some applications are always top of my list. […]